Below are some questions we asked:

Is it worth climbing the Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo. What do you think?

Sure! Going to Congo is now completely safe. And it would be a lifetime exciting experience for you. In the Virunga National Park everything is very well organized and there is security for tourists and a separate visa support, which allows you to get a visa for only $ 105 right at the border of the DRC on arrival. You do not need to struggle with a visa application at the nearest Consulate. And do not forget that in the Virunga NP the lowest prices for trekking to mountain gorillas are only $ 450 per person, when in Uganda $ 600 and in Rwanda $ 1500 per person.

Our friends do not advise us to go to South Africa, since it is dangerous there. Is it true?

There is crime in all countries. South Africa has its own specifics - no need to travel and visit unsafe areas of big cities and townships. And especially should not appear in these areas in the evening and at night. If you drive yourself, then plan your route in advance and if you get lost, it is better to contact the petrol station workers for help and advice.

Is it safe to pay with a credit card in Africa?

Credit and debit cards are becoming an increasingly common payment method in Africa. In countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda, we recommend that you use cards to pay for goods and services and these operations are reliable..And the currency exchange rate in this case will be more profitable than changing cash at the bank, who constantly takes a commissions. In countries such as Angola, Congo, the Central African Republic, Malawi, Zimbabwe, countries of West and Central Africa, the use of credit cards is limited and we recommend that you use cash when paying.

How to dress on safari?

Photo safaris are held in open safari vehicles. Therefore, you should have comfortable and seasonal clothing. It is best to wear a few thin T-shirts / shirts and take them off as the air temperature rises. On a morning safari, especially in July-August, it can be very cold and therefore have a windbreaker and a hat. As the sun rises, the temperature rises and you take it all off and enjoy the morning African sun. And also remember that the ranger should have blankets with him in an open car.

When to go to Africa?

This is a difficult question, as there are many climatic zones in Africa. But in general, you can answer the following: If you go on a safari to Southern Africa, then the best time for your trip will be the period from May to October. If you want to see whales and sharks then go from July to October. We do not recommend traveling to Madagascar in January and February due to the rainy season. For Cape Town and the southernmost point of Africa, choose European winter time from November to March.
And Madagascar can be generally divided into two parts, and only 2 months of the year are unique to this island when it is good to travel to whole country -  in April and in October.